• Induja Nair

What's your definition of success?

Oxford dictionary defines success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Success is by far that one word for which people have come up with different meanings, quotes and i believe that it looks different for everyone, its not a one- size fits all kind of a word.

I recently came across a book named " The Strangest Secret" by Earl Nightingale and his way of defining success is by far my favourite. He said that " Success is nothing but the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal". According to him, anyone who knows what they are doing and where they are going is success. Any person who has a goal for which they are working towards is successful.

I am going to tell you what "progressive realisation" means. Its like all the small or big steps that you take inorder to achieve a coveted goal of yours, is success. You can celebrate for all those small victories and consider yourself successful rather than getting dejected about the end goal being not accomplished at a go.

I will explain through some examples. I would someday want to write a book, be an author. Thats my coveted goal. The moment I start putting out my ideas in paper, brainstorming for it, writing the first paragraph, all of it is success. So every step that i take towards achieving it is success for me and I am successful. This definition is great because it gives me a perspective and feeling of goodness, that my efforts are counting,and its not going in vain.

When i was young, my idea of success was having money, home, car of my own, but now its not just limited to material things rather its more inclined towards satisfaction, happiness and contentment which i achieve through all the baby steps I take towards the vision I have.

Celebrate all those little truimphs which will eventually lead you to be victorious and remember, all those tiny efforts matter and thats what is going is make a huge difference.

So whatever is your dream, write it down, break it into achievable chunks and keep moving, accomplish each bit and one fine day, you will be at your destination.

So how do you see success? What does it mean for you??

Happy Sunday!!

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