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Things I learnt from my plants:

"The plants have enough spirit to transform our limited vision"

It's so rightly quoted by Rosemary Gladstar.

It's just been a year since I became a plant parent and I cannot begin to express the growth I have had from being one. It was on my 24th birthday that I decided to gift myself a plant.

I still remember going all paranoid when the plant was not doing well, getting so attached and caring and it amused me how my plant baby became very special for me.

Almost a year later, with more plants I just wanted to share some great life lessons I learnt from them.

1. Patience:

It's said that patience and silence are two powerful energies. Patience makes one mentally strong and silence makes one emotionally strong.

Growing these plants have taught me this life skill to the most. One of plant which was a nodding Lilly never bloomed at all. Seasons changed and then eventually it did, teaching me an important life lesson of being patient and understanding that everything has its own time.

2. Sometimes when you think it's over, it just might not be:

This was a hard learned lesson for me. I bought an aloevera plant which refused to show any signs of growth for quite sometime. I had given up my hopes on that one, and now it's the strongest and best among my plant babies. Somethings may take a longer while but eventually just might come your way.

3. You should know when to give up:

So after the aloevera incident, I never used to give up my hopes on tough plants. I continued all my efforts and believe that they would eventually grow. But there was this one rose plant, which bloomed initially, but then started to rot. I was just not ready to give up, but realised that there is nothing more I could do.

In life too, you should know when to give up. Sometimes when you hold on to something which is moving away from you, you end up getting bruised.

4. Power in silence:

Plants have taught me the power of silence. The joy of pure bliss. When I am a little anxious, I just go and sit among my plant babies and the feeling of peace cannot be described in words. Nature is a healer and having a small part of it at home is a huge accomplishment.

5. Be adaptable:

Plants are the most adaptable. They try their maximum to adjust and keep growing. Plants swaying to the direction of sunlight shows the same. They grow in spite of some hindrance they might have. As in life we need to focus on our growth and adapt to situations.

Audrey Hepburn has rightly said, to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

All my love and prayers..

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