• Induja Nair

There are no accidents...

This is my favourite line from one of my favourite movie "Kung Fu Panda". Now judge all you want, but its a great movie. Period.

So how many times have you told yourself or atleast thought about that one thing, or that one person or a circumstance from the past that you could have avoided, could have changed or done better? Quite a few times right? Like after something awful happened, you replay the entire scene in your head and edit all the scenes that you think went wrong and use some swear words for you and your legendary brain which decided to go in an auto-pilot mode in that epic situation. Dont worry, you are not alone, we have all done that.

We think that some people are our mistakes, some things that went wrong was our mistake but all of those regrets that we carry on our shoulders, is just meant to be. Things are happening in your life, just as they are supposed to,neither less nor more.

Now imagine that one hard moment in your life, like that time when you really thought you will not make it alive or something less dramatic too. Think about it, how were you feeling back then and now fast forward to how you are feeling at the present, reminiscing about it.

Take out a piece of paper and write down any favourable outcome of that unfavourable situation. If you are able to pin down some, voila you have successfully learnt something out of that sticky circumstance. Now note down some moments where you actually used some lessons you learnt the bitter way.

See, werent you able to avoid some situations of the same kind. How did you do it? Its bacause you encountered the same problem or something similar already. Now you are better equipped to deal with it.

There is a dire need to understand the problem thoroughly in order to find a solution and your past experience played the guide card and helped you get through.

There are indeed no accidents, everything is just happening the way its supposed to be. You will not be the same person as you are if things wouldnt have happened the way they did.

So couldnt we just see problems as a practice test for better hustle in life?

Wouldnt that change our perspective from worrying about the situation to actually learning from it?

Just believe in this - You are exactly where you are meant to be, exactly the same person who you are supposed to be!!!

Change the way you see a problem and keep hustling...

Happy Sunday!!!

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