• Induja Nair

The Perfection Scare!!!

Updated: Jan 14

The idea of starting this blog was in my head from quite some time now. Every time I curate an article, I read it, reread it, think about all the worst things that can happen once I press the publish button and drop the idea saying “it isn’t good enough”, “it’s not something special”.

How many of you struggle with such a mentality?

I deal with this thought process very often. Every time I set my mind up for something which may or may not be out of my comfort zone, I convince myself that “it isn’t perfect”, “it isn’t right”. The result of it you ask, the idea just gets engraved somewhere in the coiled messy brain of mine. Now that you are reading this article, it does imply that I have published it, I won over my fear of perfection, at the least for today.

If you are also like me, someone who deals with this kind of hysteria, I know that it is a daily phenomenon, everyday it takes that extra push to put out something which you believe isn’t done yet, isn’t perfect yet.

You know what, I got some tricks that I use to trick my mind with nowadays.

Want to know what they are, well I am happy to share. I am not sure as to how far it will help you, but it has helped me to a large extent, hence proven that it does work.


1. What’s the worst that could happen??

Yes, you heard it right. Think about the worst that could happen if you did this thing or activity. Ya, just let your wildest imagination do its job here and brainstorm to the maximum extent it can go. Now take a pause, and then ask yourself, “Does this scare you” or “will you be able to handle it”. What I am trying to say is sometimes we overthink and never take that teeny tiny first step. We think that the whole world is going to crash in front of our eyes, but believe me, it isn’t the case.

2. Daily Affirmations:

So this one is like training your mind, much like a muscle. Like in gym, we do repeated sets focussing on one part of our body right, like arms or glutes and then we get desired results. It’s the same with mind, it also requires repeated sets of affirmations to function properly. So I just write down some quotes that mean to me, some personal affirmations for myself( who knows you better than you) and then stick it my bedroom, workspace and keep reading it like every time I pass through. So this is subconsciously now just in my system and gives me that extra push that I was talking about earlier. One of my most favourite quote is from Humble the Poet in his book “Unlearn”.

“You don’t need to trust a world you can’t control,

Just trust yourself to do your best to get through with it”.

3. Whats the best that can happen?

Just think about all those amazing things or the feeling that you would get once you accomplish this task. This mindset helps you in identifying the answer to your " Why". Why are you doing what you are doing, and when you are clear about the "why", you can now think about "how" to accomplish the thing.

We often are so curled up in perfecting things and waiting for the right time, when all of us are imperfect, everything is flawed and 'now' is the only right time.

For at the end success and the life you are dreaming about is just out of your comfort zone.

" Just go out there

Be uncomfortable

Make mistakes

Get embarrased, for we will all be dead soon" - Humble The Poet

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