• Induja Nair

The need of the hour

Hey guys. I hope all of you are okay and safe.

With the corona outbreak and worldwide impact it has had, it indeed feels strange and chaotic.

Usually when I sit down to curate a post, it takes like an hour or so, but this one was tough. Writing in a situation like this is harder than I thought.

It took me immense strength to put down how I am feeling and what drove me was the fact that all of us are in the same situation. Anxious, worried for our loved ones and for the world.

We have officially begun our 21 days of lockdown in India since yesterday midnight and I hope that it achieves the desired results.

Is the situation stressful? No doubt, yes. Can we do anything about it? Yes. We can sit at our homes, adhere by the rules, and that alone is going to get our world out of this vicious cycle.

Since we are sitting back amidst the chaos, how do we protect ourselves? Not just from the virus but also from our idle mind.

Our ever occupied minds are now empty , we have no hurry burry in the morning, no que for excuses.

All we were ever whining was for Netflix and chill, alone time, and crowd favourite "sleep". Now that we have gratification of all of these desires, we are clueless and frustrated more than ever.

The need of the hour is a pair of "fresh eyes". We need to look at this social distancing and quarantine mode as something productive.

Spend some quality time with your loved ones, focus on your mental and physical health, take up journaling, painting or anything you love for which you always had an excuse.

We cannot always control what's going on outside, but we can always control what's going on inside.

Humankind has to help itself to get off from the grippling effect of this pandemic.

Let's all love each other a little more, care for each other, and be responsible for each other.

If not now, then when?

All my love and prayers ❤️

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