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The Fragile thing called Life

Scrolling down Youtube some days back, my eyes caught a video named " My last days". I was a little taken aback, thought to myself as to why will anyone record their last days? What will anyone watching this video take back from it?

Never did I know that this video would totally change my perspective in life. It gave me a new pair of lenses to see this world.

" My Last Days" is a series documenting the struggles and uplifting stories of terminal illness. The term 'uplifting' stayed with me. What possibly can this video be doing to my mindset, was the only question in my head. I had no clue this was coming, I had no clue that this was in store for me.

As I started watching the video, I couldn't help but battle the puddles of tears. I was silent, introspecting on the depth of the visual that I just saw. I immediately made a note of some takeaways from it.

1. Life is a fragile thing:

Just one second, one incident, one situation, and our entire lives change. Do any of us know what tomorrow holds for us? Do we even know if there is a tomorrow? Even though the answer to both of these is a 'no', we still believe and live like we are eternal. We have far less time than we think we actually have. If our time is limited, why focus on all the negatives? Why do we just live and not acknowledge the fact that this 'life' is all we have got and it's a very transient entity?

2. Quality of life is an absolute win:

No matter how long you live, if you haven't focussed on the quality of life, it is worthless. While watching the video, I realized that they have lived life in many meaningful terms than I ever will. They look at life as a mesmerizing gift, give it the value that it truly deserves. Live life the way it's supposed to be lived.

It's a quote I picked from one of the episodes, " We are all leaving...It's not about when or what time you leave, it's about what you do while you're here!!!

3. Count your blessings than grief:

They are finding beauty in their sadness and we are finding flaws in the beauty of life. How many times have we cried over a pimple on the face or extra weight on the scale? How many times have we hated seeing ourselves in the mirror, judged everything about us, when we should be appreciative and thankful for the functional body we have. Be eternally grateful for all you have and never lose sight of what is really important.

4. Appreciate all the little things:

Life is all the little things. Magic is in these little things. A good cup of coffee, an amazing sleep, a hot shower, a warm meal, hug from the person you love. All of this is what truly matters, for one day when you look back, you realize that the little things and the little moments were not little at all.

5. Live as if there is no tomorrow:

There is a beautiful quote on the same.

Live as if there is no tomorrow

Sing as if there is no one hearing

Love like you have never been hurt

Dance as if there is no one watching

Laugh like no one's listening

We realize the importance of something only when it's lost, so don't wait till that stage. Find magic in your life and just live well.

Happy Reading

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