• Induja Nair

Quarantine Blues

Hey guys..

I hope all of you are doing well and are healthy.

So how have you all been?

Yesterday was kind of crappy for me, I mean I am not complaining or anything, but it was a little blue than other days.

Since it's a lockdown and there are no deadlines to follow, I have even lost the count of days, everyday feels like a weekend.

Each passing day the situation keeps getting worse. The deserted streets, the empty aisles in grocery stores all feels like some dark times.

The year 2020 has just begun, I mean we are only three months in and we already saw wildfire, volcanic eruption, Bryant's death and now the NCov, all of these are painful and stressful.

I have read somewhere that it's at such tough times that you really get to know who you are truly and I have found a huge solace in prayers, faith in the belief that there is always a rainbow around the corner.

I do know that we will get through this. Slowly, but steadily. It's a tough time, no doubt about that, it's going to be tough getting back on with lives after the pandemic.

Things are going to change and I guess it's okay, because change is the only constant thing in world.

So I hope and believe that we will come out of this stronger than ever, together.

All my love and prayers

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