• Induja Nair

Present is indeed a present...

Present as a word has multiple meanings, one being the current moment used as a synonym for "now" and the other being "gift". The word in itself is giving us a hint to a better life - it is to treat the present moment as a present, a gift.

Just think about it, isnt this moment as in right now, the only promise that life is making to you? If yes, then why do we dwell in the past and carry that burden to the future when nobody promised us a future and the past is bygone?

Wouldn't it be great if we could maneuver our mind to what really is important,to just focus on the present moment and make the most out of it.

Oprah Winfrey in one of her interview said that all we should be thinking about is "the next best thing to do".

For example, imagine you have gotten up from bed after a great tug of war with sleep, now you sit down and think of whats the next best thing to do. Freshening up would be the most common answer I suppose, so once that is done, think about the next best move.

So what this exercise is making you do, is relishing the moment. You are aware of every breath you are taking,aware of the moment, your entire system is grounded to the only time you actually have. Live as if there is no tomorrow, is not just a quote, its the truth. No one actually knows what tomorrow holds for us, nobody has seen it, but yet all we think about is the time which is yet to come.

When there is no tomorrow promised, isnt it futile to just get too addicted to this thought?

Having said all of this, I didnt mean that you should just go wherever the wind takes you. No absolutely not, make plans, have ideas, have a vision, have a timeline for your dreams, do whatever works for you. Some of us are great planners, others are " go with the flow" kind of people. Neither of the spectrum is wrong, at the end all we want to do is live well right?

So,all I am saying is just dont get too fixated on the planning stage that you totally relinquish the present moment.

Now is the right time, all those plans that you kept pending by saying and making yourself believe that the best time is in future, just repeat this with me, Now is the best time...and always do keep this in mind, that "time and tide waits for none".

Just don't let the future and the idea of tomorrow rob you from today's joy...

Live well,by not residing on the past or brooding over the future, just live well....

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