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Mood Boosters

Updated: Jan 18

Let's face it, life isn't always "lit" for us. There are days when we feel low, sad and so not in our element. These days are the aftermath of some factors or reasons and somedays we don't even have any reason.

Yes, that happens too. If this hasn't happened to you, kudos, you are a very self-aware person. The reason I say this is because most of us like you and me when we say 'nothing' is when we have a problem with everything. And since we have bluffed our systems and surroundings for all this while, its clearly not easy to find out a reason for your sadness right away.

To be honest, deep down at some level our subconscious is just aware of what it is, but our conscious self is not in accordance.

So whatever is the reason for your gloomy self ( and just putting out there, even if you don't have a reason, its totally cool), how do you elevate your mood? Like how do you uplift them?

Now, if you are one among those people who have decided to just hang out a little while in the gloomy side, its totally fine, more power to you, take your time.

But let's just face it, not all of us have that luxury right, we got our jobs, studies and a routine to get through, so what do we do?

I thought I would just list down some mood boosters of mine, things that I do to just get me back on track. Not every method or thing I mention here is going to resonate with you because at the end we are all different people and what I wish for is that you get some new ideas after giving this a read.

1. Writing it down:

Okay, so this is something I have been doing from quite some time. Write down what you are feeling at that very moment. Like if you are happy, write down how it feels, if you are sad, angry or any other feeling, just jot it down. By doing so, you are actually becoming more self-aware and this also serves as a healthy distraction from the emotion. It's my way of venting it out, like no joke, my journal is filled with these and I have found them quite effective. When you read it, later on, you will also find interesting patterns like your handwriting while you are experiencing different emotions. It just unmasks your true self.

2. Music:

Its rightly said that "music is the medicine of the mind". It truly is. Let me take this opportunity to establish the fact that I am a huge fan of BTS and their soul-stirring music. If you don't know who they are, no offence, but probably you have been living under a rock. Just kidding, I would be privileged to introduce you to them. They are a South Korean boy band who make legendary music. Its Korean lyrics with a mix of English, and I cannot tell you how therapeutic I feel when I listen to them. Something about music is like that, there are no barriers, it just touches your soul. So get to your playlist and groove to them.

3. Painting:

Okay, don't think too far, I am not that good. I use art as a form of therapy. I paint when I am anxious or sad. It's like I automatically go towards the dark colours when I am gloomy and that I feel is the best part about it. It reciprocates my inner self, calms me down. It's just a proven fact that when you are trying to be involved in one particular thing, you kind of move past that uneasy emotion you were facing, and with art, it's like painting your inner voices.

4. Sleep:

Whenever I am sad or stressed, I scrunch up on my bed like a turtle in the shell. For me, sleep is very restorative. I usually put on some scented candles or diffusers, play some sleep music (believe me, it is a real thing) on Spotify, and just lay down. It soothes me, silences my inner voices and before you know it, I would have slipped to sleep. The feeling after I get up is a much more relaxed version of myself and I love it.

5. Walk-in nature:

I cannot recommend it more. I am a total nature person, plants are my favourite and most of my life decisions were taken midst them. Something about them, their greenery, wind, shade birds chirping provides me clarity. A stroll in nature is more healing than we expect. When in doubt, I simply walk.

6. Talk to someone: This one is my favourite, the best one of all. There is nothing more therapeutic than talking to a person close to you. You feel light, positive, loved, cared for and it instantly lightens your mood. Sometimes all you need is an empathetic listener who understands you and gives you a shoulder to cry on if needed. Once the venting out is done, we all feel much better and are back on track, right?

So these were my ways of uplifting my emotional state.

Keep this in mind, not always will you have people cheering you up, sometimes you gotta do it all by yourself. You owe that to your self.

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