• Induja Nair

Mind Allergen??!

Allergens are all those substances that potentially cause an allergic reaction. A condition in which your body shows unfavourable reaction to certain things, it can be food, some foreign elements or anything in particular.

Recently I had like chapati,and as usual developed an upset stomach. My body started reacting to the gluten in much extreme ways than i expected it to. Later on I realised that I am gluten intolerant and any amount of gluten I ingest, my body reacts to show me that what I just had isnt good for my system.

Its from this incident I derived this analogy of Mind Allergen.

What is it you ask? See I am not quite sure whether there is a term, but anyway I describe it as all those elements that disrupt my peace of mind and mental wellness. Now this can be anything and everything that has an unfavourable effect on your mind. It can be both internal or external factors. It can be a person, a thing, place, or even you yourself at times.

I can make the concept clear through my personal example. When I took an academic gap and dropped out of a stream that I clearly didnt enjoy, I had like million people telling me how stupid it was of me and how I would regret it later on. There were zillion advices and let me tell you, none of it was worth my time, yet I listened to it, became more anxious than I already am.Added to this was social media and how everyone around me were better off and I am here still figuring out what I want from life. It was a tough period I would say, and now I am at that stage where I tell people that the academic gap years I took, were the best decision of my life.

You dont reach the end stage that easily. You need to train your mind in a way that things dont bug you to the core. I have learnt two methods from Jay Shetty's podcast called " 7 habits for Happiness" that I have used and still use when in need.

1. Spot:stop:swap

When you have negative thoughts, spot them. Find out their origin and then screech to a halt,take a moment and then instead of being in that situation swap to a different environment, books or anything which can suffice as a healthy distraction.

2. 54321 method:

This is more like a thing to do when you are anxious, when your mind allergen is reacting with your physical body.

Think about 5 things you can see at that moment

4 things you can touch

3 things you can hear

2 things you can smell

1 thing you can taste

The method helps in grounding or centering your system to the present moment and gives you a clearer perspective.

Now imagine that you never gave attention to your physical discomfort. I mean how often does that happen, we usually go to a doctor or do some home remedy at the least to get comfortable right? Then why ignore the mind allergens? Why act as if there is nothing wrong?

Mental wellness is as important as physical wellbeing and its high time we realise that. So stay away from those mind allergens. That one person who constantly demotivates you, that one thing that reminds you that you arent good enough, that one place which holds bad memories.

Take time to heal, and then swoop back up, there's no pressure. Take your time...

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