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Yesterday while scrolling down social media , I found a post with an end of the world and apocalyptic reference to our current situation.

At first I was a little taken back on the very thought, but then I realised that it's different people and their own opinions.

You believe what you want to believe and I believe that it's time for humanity to pause, reflect and hit the reset button.

So how do you reset you ask?

There are quite a lot of ways, but what is to be understood is that a mind, body and soul approach is the need of the hour.


1. News consumption: In days like this, it's very likely to keep wanting to get updates about the situation we are in. But I would suggest you to consciously shut off for some time interval. The news pouring in definitely affects our mental grid, so choose wisely.

2. Books and podcasts: Engaging mind the right way. Reading books and listening to podcasts can sure let you travel in time without even stepping out. I do prefer books as opposed to digital versions, but my current favourite is listening to books. Audible is an amazing platform for the same. And for digital versions of book, you could also use an app called "Anybooks". Among podcasts, Jay Shetty's stands out for me, and Impact theory by Tom Bilyeau are all great options.

3. Social distancing and not social isolation: In this digital age, quarantine actually isn't that scary. We are all lucky to have everyone that we need at anytime with just a phone call or text away. So use this time to connect, checking in with people on their physical and mental health.

4. Learning new skills: Our mind is very curious. And the best way to have a healthy brain is to keep learning new things. It can be anything from new languages, dance form, painting, cooking. I have started learning new languages, and with lots of online resources right at our fingertips, let's make the most of it.

Mind is like just any other muscle of our body, it needs constant care and attention and it's the mind that we have to convince when the going gets tough.

"Life is full of fortune and misfortune, but cherish being alive, every single day. Life will pass you by".

To be continued....

All my love and prayers

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