• Induja Nair

Its okay....

Updated: Jan 12

Its okay, to not be okay sometimes....

Its absolutely fine...

Somedays are hard, no doubt about it. Some things are hard to get over, no cross questions asked. There are days when all you want to do is scrunch under your blanket and pretend to sleep away your pain, days when you feel you are useless and are demotivated, when you are tired not physically, but mentally out of the routine and its boredom and yet there are other days when you feel that your goal or vision is just miles away from you and there is no way getting there.

It is hard, I get it, I have been there, more often than i would like to admit, but tell me one thing, who told you that life is going to be easy anyway??

Did the fairy tales from childhood misled you? I dont think so, all those stories did start from "Once upon a time" to " happily ever after", but all of them did have one or the other conflict to face and get through with. See, right from childhood we were subconsciously told that things would end well but nobody promised that it would be hassle free.

And now if you tell me, your parents have put this thought in your system, I cant deny but only talk about my parents. They have always told me how difficult their life was and how inorder to reach the position they are today, took hardships that is more than what meets the eye.

So from where did we learn that life is easy??

I think its just our creation. We just want a comfortable life always, with no anxiety, no pressure,no expectations, a place where all our desires are fulfilled with just some sort of magic, and be forever happy. Ooh, i feel like I am talking about an utopian world in itself.

Allow me to burst this bubble for you, there is no such world. We live in this world, where there are wars, poverty, disease, death, unemployment, pollution and all the other unfavourable conditions. We need to equip ourselves to be able to live in this world. We need to adapt because that is the only smart solution possible.

See this doesnt mean that you have to fake your emotions. No, give it all the room you want, acknowledge them rather than ignoring. Cry over something that hurt you, but once you are done, dont look back. Atleast try not to!!

When life throws curve balls at you, get hit, fall over, understand that its okay, acknowledge and feel the emotion but remember to get back on, because there are more curve balls that are coming your way and you really need to learn some dodging skills.

Its in fact these struggles that make life a worthy and amusing ride, so put the imaginary seat belt on and keep moving....

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