• Induja Nair

How to achieve a clear vision??

I recently brought a new pair of spectacles and as soon as I put it on and marched into my daily life, people started showing sudden interest in them. And regardless of whether I said yes or no they took it, wore it, commented on it being too much power( who the h*** asked you to wear anyways), called me andhi (blind) and finally left the master piece on my desk, only to find out that it was puddled with people’s fingerprints. After cursing all of them in my head I took out to clean it and that’s when a striking analogy struck me, which I whipped into this article.

So now I want you to just think hard on all of your dreams, aspirations, passion that keeps you alive and unique from this maddening crowd and list all those factors which pose a threat to this goal of yours. And here I am going to jot down some of them that I have encountered in my life and how I deal with it.

1. No enough preparation: This I have faced quite often. Let me explain, like when I had this idea of starting a blog, I didn’t know where to start from. Like literally, all those different blog platforms, the kind of articles I would like to write, everything had to be learnt from the basic. I spent weeks in researching, making notes of what other bloggers are doing, how they have increased their readership. And finally when I thought I am ready, I published my site. So whatever is your dream you need to prepare yourself for it, one step at a time. In this way you will be more confident to take on the task with less anxiety which in turn will increase your productivity.

2. Negative Self-talk: I struggle with this more than I want to admit. I think more than even the world turning me down, I do it to myself. Like for anything, even as silly as going out, I would try to put on some colourful dress which I might have bought with full confidence in the mall and have kept in the closet for years and I have conveniently avoided saying that I am too fat for this, or too tanned for it and the list of self-loathing goes on and on. How I get through this you ask? Well I just think of the worst that could happen if I do it. In this case, it would be that maybe people talk about me or ridicule me. But then I ask this to myself, does it matter to me? Like should all these people be given that power to dictate my life? And the answer usually is a no, so I do what I want to do. You gotta do what you gotta do. (And just a word of advice, nobody really care. It’s just our own overthinking brain who does the job).

3. “You know what, all of this sounds insane. It isn’t practical”: 95% of the times this is what I hear from people when I tell them about my dreams, aspirations. Does it let me down? To be honest, sometimes it does. When someone you care, tells you that you can’t do a certain thing, it definitely takes you back. What I have understood is that there might be two reasons to this kind of an advice. One, that they are genuinely concerned about you, that they want only good things to happen to you and can’t see you in trouble, they want you to choose paths that are already carved and is known to be safe and fool proof. And the latter reason is that they are merely jealous. You dare to dream something out of the box, something they couldn’t have thought in a million years. You dared to dream. So at these moments just deafen these voices, even though they are loud and try to listen to the mumbles of your heart, believe in those voices and keep hustling.

So these are some ways in which I clear out things that blur my vision, I am sure all of you might have something different and unique. Share it with all of us and remember nobody can tell you that you cannot do a certain thing, trust yourself, put in hard work, dedication and be patient, one fine day you will wake up to your dream day.

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