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How can natural environment affect our mental health??

Hey folks, how is it going?

So I have a question for you today. What is your happy place? Like where is it that you are at the utmost peace and feel alive?

For me it has always been nature and my family. When I take a stroll in a park(I miss that nowadays), amidst trees, birds that's when I am at peace.

When ideas and positivity just flows through my mind.

I am sure many of you would have experienced this too.

Nature is a healer indeed.

On that note Happy World Environment day.

The world right now is in the midst of the corona pandemic. While many contemplate this to be a reset button hit by nature and have curated how we need to save our environment in times to come, I am focusing on why it is important for us to save our natural environment.

"Nature opens out before us like a Chinese box puzzle, a seemingly endless nesting of systems within systems. It's impossible to maintain healthy organism in unhealthy ecosystem for long or healthy ecosystem in a stressed biosphere"

This was put forth by Theodore Roszak, an ecotherapist in his book Ecotherapy.

The above statement simply means that inorder for us to thrive in different facets of life, the biosphere we live in needs to thrive to, not pay a price for it.

A new term I got introduced to is Ecotherapy. Also known as nature therapy, stems from the belief that people are a part of the web of life and all our psyches are not separate from our environment.

I instantly fell in love with the concept. It just underpins the basic idea that people are connected to and impacted by the natural environment. Another great reason to start conserving it.

Who doesn't love to be in prime health? And when we understand that our own self and the environment is not different, but two components which are interdependent, we have got a solid reason to protect the environment as our own self.

Nothing in the nature lives for itself. Rivers don't drink their own water. Trees don't eat their own fruit, the sun doesn't shine for itself.

Living for each other is the rule of nature.

Let that be a golden rule for us too..

All my love and prayers

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