• Induja Nair

Fostering a sense of gratitude

"Tough times don't last always. It's these hard times that causes us to become more aware of life and develop an attitude of gratitude".

It's a meaningful quote and a perfect fit at this time and space.

When the world around us is suffering and is a mess, it's literally impossible to not let it affect you. There are moments when you are cold, anxious, irritable.

But you sure can calm an irritable mind and foster gratitude and humility.

In the book, Zen: The art of simple living, Shunmyo Masuno, explains a term called "gassho".

Gassho signifies oneness of both hands. Bringing both of your hands together. What's interesting is the fact that each of the hand represent different entities.

Right hand represents anyone other than you and the left hand represents you.

So joining the hands together is a feeling of respect for those outside of yourself and in turn foster a sense of gratitude.

He recommends a small practice of gassho daily to have a calming effect on one's soul.

My gassho practice for today was for all those health professionals who are working relentlessly for the betterment of mankind.

Now is the need for being grateful. So what are you grateful for??

Have faith, don't lose hope because it's sure to get better.

All my love and prayers

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