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Declutter the clutter

I don't know if you have noticed this, whenever you are going through an emotional turmoil or like you are stuck in an uncomfortable job situation, your living space starts to look exactly like you at that moment- disorganized, cluttered, or in my mom's words " a total mess".

Now I am not talking about all the people who voluntarily keep it a mess or are too lazy to arrange anything or probably like things messier. That's cool too, but my mom doesn't think you are cool though, I don't think any mom is cool about that... Anyway, this article is targeted on the other subset, who usually keeps things in order until and unless their life in itself is cluttered.

Martha Stewart said that " Your home should be a reflection of how you want to live right now and for the next phase of your life".

Now, just look around your room, what do you think? Is this how you really want to enter the next phase? Is this how you are feeling right now??

It's very interesting to know that getting rid of physical clutter also declutters your mind and soul. I very recently experienced this. It was probably a week ago. I was feeling awful at the state of my room like everything was just haphazard and something unlike me. I realized that my internal state was no different and that's when I thought of taking a little experiment and started decluttering.

Not that I haven't done it before, but this time I wanted to do it very professionally, I had taken the task quite seriously. I started going through google and a name popped up - Marie Kondo, also known as Konmari. She is a Japanese organizing consultant( i didn't know something like this even existed) and an author.

She actually came up with a Konmari method of decluttering, which is stunning and so effective.

So I thought I would share this with you guys.

Marie Kondo's method stays on the fact that we should all have only items that spark joy in our life. Anything which no longer brings joy is clutter. So she encourages people to ask this question while tidying up," Does this item spark joy in my life?" If the answer is "no", its time to remove it from your life. That is the exact moment when you realize how much affection have you nurtured to material things.

So there are some tips to follow in this method:

1. Tidy all at once: Don't break the decluttering day, instead just dedicate an entire day. It's definitely overwhelming to think about but think of the bright side. Just one day and you have your entire home organized.

2. Visualize: Just imagine your ideal room and home, like the way it would be. I love little indoor plants in the living area and in this way you would yourself know which thing goes where. It is always important to allocate home for every object.

3. Ask "the" question

4. Tidy by category and not location: This means that don't just start with like kitchen or washroom, instead start with clothes, books.

5. Declutter in order: Marie believes and urges everybody to tidy according to the order she has given.

a. Clothes

b. Books

c. papers

d. Komono (miscellaneous stuff)

e. Objects with sentimental value

Now let us tackle each of this category:

1. Clothes: We all do have piles of clothes just stuffed in the wardrobe right? So first step, put it all down. Then take each piece of clothing, feel it and ask "the" question. Don't just tag some clothes into the "I will wear this someday category", let's not fool ourselves, we all know that day is not going to come.

So how about donating them? Sounds cool right? While tidying up clothes have separate bags for "donate" and "throwing away" labels.

Marie has even come up with a rolling method for clothes( lifesaver actually). Make sure you check it out on youtube and she is a wizard who has amazing techniques to roll socks, sweaters anything and everything for that matter.

2. Books and papers: I followed the same method. My heart was wrenching when I pulled out some books and kept it for donation, but trust me felt better later on because I knew someone else would love to read them.

3. Komono: I tackled all the electronic junk I had in this section. Chargers, cables, and whatnot. Created space for them. I even decided to just clear up my mails ( horrendous task). That was the time I realized how many useless subscriptions have I made in my life. This easily took me hours to get done with.

4. Sentimental objects: This was the hardest thing of all. It wasn't physically draining, but emotionally. We all have such objects which trigger some good or even bad memories and we still hold on to them. Marie says that we should take such things, feel them, convey our sincere gratitude and let go if you really think they no longer spark joy.

I felt amazing after the entire process. It was like an emotional burden just off my shoulders, felt light and less bound to material things. If you are someone who is looking forward to minimalism, this is the first step.

Clutter is truly the enemy of clarity. So just declutter your clutter and see your life getting crystal clear...

Happy Reading

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