• Induja Nair

Bad days are good days in disguise...

"Its the bad times that lead to good days"

So rightly put, it's only a hardship that teaches us lesson essential for life.

It's no wonder that all of us have gone through one or the other hardship and only on such days did we learn something new, something which is critical for own existence.

Here are a list of five things that a bad day or hardship teaches us:

1. Achieve a clear EQ

EQ is defined as the capability of an individual to recognise their own emotions and those of others, and to manage them in adapting with new environment or people.

A bad day is usually a rollercoaster of emotions. We will get to know what our stressors are and how we react to it.

For example, whenever I am angry, I just can't keep it to myself, I have to vent it out and have a discussion, but for my sister, she shrinks to herself and doesn't talk about it immediately.

So now that I know how I am and how she reacts we can chart out something that kind of works for both.

Only if you have good EQ can you lead a better and peaceful life.

2. SWOT analysis of oneself:

Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats. Knowing all these four elements about yourself is the first step towards personality development. What are your core areas, what are the things you require help with, and these usually, are taught by hardships.

When you know yourself really well, there is nothing that stands in your way, you can dodge through them all.

3. Breaking point:

All of us have a threshold. It's like when you are working out in the gym, you start with weights, and initially start off well, but after some reps, our body starts giving up, so we push through more harder, sometimes we just can't.

At such times what do we do? We keep working that muscle, and after some time, those reps feel a lot easier.

So when you know what your breaking points are, what your mental barriers are, you can find ways to train them better.

4. Understanding one's own personality:

When something happens unexpectedly, do you freeze, or do you think and act fast?

Are you patient enough? Are you resilient? Could you work through the pain?

We will get these answers only though experiences, not the ones which are smooth sailing.

I remember going for my first ever trek and struggling. Just some distance and I couldn't breathe, and many people around me told me to just sit back, they were sure that I will not be able to, but I refused. I knew that I could.

That experience taught me some major value of my system. I am optimistic even when there is no one cheering, I don't give up easily, my pain tolerance is high and I don't let anything undermine me.

Needless to say, I climbed up, went till the highest peak and will never forget the feel of reaching there and ya, faces of people who told me I can't.

5. Shows you people who really care:

It's a known fact, when you are happy and good things are happening to you, there are many who stand by you to celebrate, but when the going gets hard, only real people who care for you stick with you.

At the end, whatever day it is, good or bad, it's temporary.

When it's a happy time, celebrate enough, when it's a hard day, put on the critical glasses and analyse the situation.

All my love and prayers

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