• Induja Nair

Are you resilient enough?

Hey folks, how are you all doing?

2020 is turning out to be more scarier than I ever imagined. First the coronavirus, then cyclone, business meltdown, people losing jobs and now cold blooded murder, protests.

It's heartaching in literal sense.

Racism exists. Period

If you are having a different opinion about this, it's may be because you are blinded by privilege and good for you, nothing wrong in being privileged.

All I am saying is that the world currently needs love, compassion, empathy and to the top of the list- humanity.

And if we don't recognise it now, I don't know when will we ever.

So back to our usual routine, today I am actually going to talk about a skill which is of utmost importance given the current turbulent times. That is emotional resilience.

What is it you ask?

Let me explain you with an example. When something comes your way unexpectedly, how do you react? Do you roll with the punches or step back and are frozen?

If you work around the new schedule and handle it effectively, you are resilient.

In psychology it's defined as one's ability to adapt to stressful situations or crisis. Like any other ability this is both innate and acquired, which means that this skillset could be developed with regular practice.

Now you may ask why is it so important? So what if I take some time to settle down and then maybe pick myself up?

No problem at all, you do you boo...

This trait just helps you live with less anxiety, maintain balance in our lives and protect us from many other mental conditions.

So even if you are someone who likes to take your own time to figure things out, you could practice this, as personality development.

How to build resilience then?


Being totally aware of what's happening. Like our current global pandemic situation is stressful, so just know the whereabouts, understand the rules, what you can do and how to go about it.


Totally accepting the situation as it is helps deal with it better. Most of us have been quarantine for over 2 months now and by now have understood the gravity of the situation.


Chalking out ways to get out of the loop. I struggled with a sense of demotivation for some weeks. I realised that it's because I didn't follow any routine. So I just made sure that I jotted down some things to do and kept myself busy, and got back on track.

Just keep in mind that it's the small steps done regularly that bring about big changes.

And just like any other skill it requires time and practice. As the famous saying goes "change is the only constant" and hence this skillset is definitely going to come handy for us in the coming times.

All my love and prayers

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