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7 insights that made 2020 the most meaningful year ever:

The year 2020 would be in our memories for quite some time. The magnitude of this year might be different for each of us, but experiences are quite similar.

But don't get me wrong when I say that this year by far has been a very meaningful one for me.

It's said that lessons which are learnt the hard way are the one's that stick with you and there has been quite some insights which I gained through this period of social distancing.

1- Catering to "want" rather than "need":

How many times have you gone grocery shopping or any shopping at all and came back with everything you wanted and nothing you needed? Quite a few times right. I was that exact person too. But this pandemic made me realize how I should focus on what I need rather than gratifying all my wants, because want is pure greed.

2 - Importance of routine:

Nowadays everyday seems like a Sunday. As much as I admit to have loved it initially, somewhere along the line I got derailed and got super frustrated. Lack of a routine and the feel of being unproductive was the real enemy in here. I realized that I like pretty packed, scheduled day, and it is something which makes me feel accomplished.

3 - Immunity and health:

Now this doesn't come off as a surprise right? I have taken my body for granted for a long time in my life and this pandemic was like a disturbing alarm to take care of it more. Nourish it with healthy foods and exercise, not just for the sake of it but also for a holistic well-being.

4 - Mental tiredness is a real thing:

In the initial period of quarantine, I really didn't have a routine and was just randomly sitting around watching Netflix shows, eating, sleeping. And then it became like a dumb addiction and I happened to have no courage whatsoever to change the day because I was constantly unmotivated and mentally tired. Seriously, mentally tired? Doing what? That was when I stumbled upon a term called "Cabin fever".

5 - Anxiety:

The future definitely holds a very different outlook of the world. The corona virus is not going anywhere, we are going to have ways to live around it, with it. All of this seemed very unsure and that was quite a toll on my mental health. But this period has made me more resilient and I have devised my own methods to deal with it.

My own mood boosters. Have written about them earlier. So do check out the link below.


6 - Importance of internet and media:

Even though I have been a Media student myself, I have always been the "give me a letter instead" kind a person. I cannot thank enough for internet and mobile phones, because I get to talk to my friends, family, see them and not feel the distance creeping at all. Imagine if this time had to come way earlier in time. Really creepy and terrifying right?

7 - Gratitude:

Dark days exist and very few know how to navigate through them. I might have got some idea on it. Counting blessings just shifts my perspective. Let me tell you, it's so hard on some days when I legit have nothing very solid to put to that list, but even then I note down how lucky I am to just have enough food to eat, air to breathe, good health and family by my side.


So let me know how this year 2020 has changed your perspective about life. What are the different insights you have gathered and how is it going to change your life from here on.

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All my love and prayers

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