• Induja Nair

5 things to do at this time of social distancing

This period of social distancing can be very confusing for many.

On days which are hectic , in the midst of all the Monday blues, spare time was a distant dream, time to just chill was our biggest desire, now when we have got it, we hardly have any idea as to what to do with it...

So I thought I could give some ideas to make this quarantine less stressful.

1. Curate a schedule:

Having less or more time, both of these scenarios is a bane. Less time and more work can affect the efficiency, more time and less work can affect the mental peace. So it would be great if you could chalk out a list of to-do for a day. It would keep you occupied and not just glued on to gadgets.

2. Exercise:

I cannot stress this enough. With social distancing and lockdown, all of our activities are limited. So do routines that will work your muscles at home itself. With digital reach, I don't think any excuse can suffice. I personally follow blogilates and Cassey( founder) has chalked out apartment friendly workout routines. Being healthy is a choice that you can make.

3. Quality time:

How many times have we made excuses saying, "I don't have time". We didn't have time to have dinner with parents, to talk to friends, to be with someone special. Since now we have enough time, why not focus it on the people we love. Talk to your parents, friends. It's the best gift of digital era that we can connect with anybody and anyone in this whole world. Make use of it.

4. The create and consume balance:

In a day we absorb a lot of information, be it from social media, books, people. But our level of creation is less. Life is all about the balance. You could write, paint, dance create something with your ideas so that both sides are equivalent.

5. Time for emptiness:

It's in the first chapter of Zen, that Shunmyo explains about the need to make time emptiness. A few minutes to just not think about anything at all. Time to reflect on our true selves and to become aware of the present moment. He says that this is the first step towards a simple life.

So these are some of my suggestions for this quarantine time. Make sure you use your time wisely.

All my love and prayers

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