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5 Life lessons that books taught me...

Happy World books day folks...

A book can open the mind, free the heart and speak to the soul. The perfect statement for my eternal love- books.

If you would ask me what I would be without reading books, I would without a blink of doubt say, LOST...

Just lost and confused in this chaotic world.

I am quite a bibliophile and I am a total Non-fiction junkie. Spiritual genre of books have been a recent addition which I absolutely love.

So I would love to put across some things I learnt from some of my current favourite books.

1. Essence of Hinduism:

This book by Swami Muktananda, caught me totally off guard. I was always raised in a religious home environment but never really understood the real meaning of faith or god. But as I started reading it I realised the true meaning of faith. I cannot begin to explain how great I already feel. The amount of peace I have attained is just inexplicable.

This book changed my life's perspective from 'me' to the absolute truth- God. It taught me the true essence of a human life and helped me take my first step towards spirituality.

2. Tuesdays with Morrie:

Author Mitch Albom beautifully knitted together his last lessons with his beloved teacher Morrie. It's really heartwarming and forces you to retrospect on your life priorities.

This book taught me to detangle myself from material goods and invest more on personal relationships. It has a snippet of advice for each phase of life and the best quote is " there is no such thing as "too late".

3. Zen- The art of simple life

I remember going through an article about Japan tourism and I read the concept of Zen gardens for the first time. It captivated me and that led me to this book by Shunmyo Masuno.

This book has been like a reference. Whenever I feel a particular emotion, I go back and read a chapter related to it. This book taught me that life when led simply is when you get the most out of. He explains concept of Zen Buddhism and life principles.

4. How to be a Bawse:

This was the coolest book I have ever read. I wasn't expecting anything less from the dapper queen Lilly Singh. But it was not just cool, it was a real life account of hardships, how she has gotten to the place she is today and how it wasnt a walk on bed of roses.

I learnt a lot of life lessons from me and my favourite chapter is about 'Selective Secrecy'.

5. Unlearn:

As the book opens there is a quote, "To attain knowledge add things every day and to attain wisdom remove things everyday".

This is the real take away from this book. Humble the poet beautifully and ruthlessly explains how unlearning old lessons take us forward. He explains life's reality in honest words and shifts one's perspective to dealing with it effective.

Books are constant companion and no knowledge you gained from them goes in vain.

So inculcate a reading habit, anything you like, and see the magic for yourself.

All my love and prayers

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